Vax Promoters Ignore The Case For Natural Immunity

Like other Covid vaccine adherents, Dr Bob Clark’s comments on the subject reflect the mass media and Big Pharma narrative (The Mercury, October 5).

Attempting to compare a Covid jab with rabies or polio vaccinations is unhelpful because those are proven, established procedures. None of the Covid vaccines is certified to produce immunity because they have not been properly subjected to trials and testing. That is why the manufacturers are indemnified against claims for adverse reactions.

As I pointed out on October 5, the extent to which the Covid vaccines are unsafe has been stated by Dr Peter McCullough of Baylor University School of Medicine who has also testified in that vein before the US Senate.

Dr Clark insists that Covid constitutes a pandemic. The statistics, however, don’t add up. The death rate amongst Covid-infected people over the age of 65 is 0,2%; for those younger than 60, the rate is 0,05%. (BizNews, October 4). The recovery rate is 96% in South Africa and 99% in the US. If this was a pandemic, 30% of the population would be dead.

Dr Clark’s view that the vaccine should be mandatory ignores the case for natural immunity. Dr Todd Zywicki of George Mason University in Virginia won his case against the University after it insisted that he be vaccinated despite recovering from Covid-19. Zywicki successfully argued that he had acquired natural immunity and therefore did not require the jab. Medical research by Dr Marty Makary at John Hopkins University and in Israel endorses the case for natural immunity.

Given the extent to which South Africans are daily exposed to people with a variety of diseases, it is likely that most of us have developed a natural immunity to Covid. Instead of demanding that people be vaccinated, the scientific thing to do would be to test for natural immunity.

In that context, Dr Clark’s opinion that those who oppose the Covid vaccine should be subjected to social apartheid is unworthy of comment.

Sent to The Mercury 5th October and never published.

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