Vaccine Pointers

If Anthony Starkey (The Mercury, December 14) acknowledged the worldwide negative effects of the Covid vaccines, he would not take exception to my car sticker slogan ‘vaccine-free and healthy.’

The vast majority of new Covid cases are occurring among those already vaccinated. Furthermore, blood clots and heart-related illness is afflicting those hospitalised cases. Worse still, 18,000 deaths have occurred in the US amongst the recently vaccinated; 30,000 in Europe.  Until recently the World Health Organisation had logged 2,486,000 cases of adverse effects amongst the vaccinated.

An article published on 8 November in the Journal of the American Heart Association noted that mRNA vaccines “dramatically increased endothelial inflammatory markers” which “may account for increased thrombosis and cardiomyopathy” as a result of the spike-triggered in protein which assails the heart.

As for the new variant, omicron, 79% of US cases have occurred amongst those already vaccinated of which 33% had already had a booster shot. What those statistics show is that the unvaccinated are almost immune to omicron and its predecessor, Covid, because of natural immunity which is reaching herd levels. In any event, Richard Friedland of Netcare has observed that omicron is so mild that cases need little more than primary care level.

The irrefutable fact is that being vaccine-free means being free of the considerable health risks the so-called vaccines pose which do not provide Covid immunity and are causing re-infection in the mostly vaccinated populations of Ireland, Belgium, Israel, the UK, Singapore and the New England states.

By his dismissal of sources that deviate from the imposed narrative on Covid and vaccines (The Mercury, October 1), Anthony Starkey, wittingly or unwittingly, has embraced a form of censorship. As renowned cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough stated in a podcast on December 17, “There is no bigger public health crisis than the impact of censorship of Covid-19.”

Sent to The Mercury 18 December 2021 and never published.

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