Too Many Vax Questions

Alan Campbell’s reasons for being vaccinated (The Mercury, December 9) exemplify everything about the narrative promoting the jab which is being challenged daily.

It is now conceded by doctors in Europe, New England and Israel that the vaccinated are transmitting Covid. Alarming numbers of the vaccinated are filling hospital beds afflicted with a range of adverse effects.

Polio, mumps and smallpox vaccinations were administered once and produced a lifetime of immunity.  The so-called Covid vaccines do not produce immunity. Instead, this untested drug (the CDC deleted the appellation “vaccine” in September), requires regular boosters, according to Dr Fauci.

On the basis of that evidence alone, it should be clear that the jab narrative being propagated by Big Pharma, Big Business and the mass media of a safe, healthy outcome is misleading. Instead of listing his hoped-for benefits of jab compliance, Alan Campbell should be questioning the motives of the jab proponents.

 Why has the FDA stated that the data content of the Covid jabs will not be disclosed until 2096? Why are boosters required? Why are there increasing numbers of Covid cases from the vaccinated? Given its health risks and uncertified efficacy, why is there such pressure to promote the jab?  Why is natural immunity discounted despite its proven efficacy?

Nobody buys a product subject to so many serious questions. Vaccine-free is undeniably the sensible and scientific way to go.

Sent to The Mercury the 11th December 2021, not published.

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