Time Overdue Old Mutual Faced Truths About Covid Narrative


It is sad to read that OM has raised provisions in the face of “excess Covid claims,” when there is neither science nor logic to justify your stance, which instead is based on willful ignorance and stupidity.

It is inexcusable that Old Mutual, with all its resources, has not been able to see through the contrived narrative regarding Covid and vaccines. Why do you think millions of people are protesting against this coerced hoax? They can’t all be stupid.

There is neither logic nor science in the imposition of ANY form of restrictions and protocols on the so-called Covid pandemic. Here’s why:

It is not a pandemic because more than 96% of those infected in South Africa recover;

The number of Covid deaths 0,6% of a million over  18 months, is less than the number (63,000) of deaths from TB in 2019;

There are proven treatments for Covid, namely, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. If Covid was a proper pandemic like the medieval Black Death, 30% of the population would already be dead.

The blitzkrieg promoted by Big Pharma, the government, the mass media and medical aids and OM for people to have the vaccine is totally false because what is called a vaccine is no more than a drug which does not produce immunity. That is openly stated by Pfizer, the FDA and CDC.

A shocking reality is that when challenged by epidemiologists in a US court two weeks ago, the FDA not only refused to disclose the data in Pfizer’s “vaccine” and stated that they would not do so until 2076. The response of the plaintiffs was to brand Pfizer’s promise of transparency as a “pile of illusions.” In other words, Pfizer is engaged in a cover-up. Why are the media hounds not in a feeding frenzy as they were during Watergate?

In every country where large numbers of people have been vaccinated, there has been an exponential increase in hospitalisations and deaths directly related to the “vaccines.” The WHO has recorded 2,5 million adverse reactions, 30,000 deaths in Europe and 18,000 in the US.

The truth is that being vaccinated, far from being a cure, is proving a health risk. The long term effects are unknown because none of the so-called vaccines has ever been subjected to the standard 3 to 5 year testing period.

So, OM needs to stop exploiting a hoax or allowing itself to be exploited by a hoax and start questioning what happened to deaths from pneumonia and the ‘flu. It also needs to stop promoting so-called vaccines which are poisoning people, promoting heart ailments in previously healthy people and actually weakening OM’s prospects for new business.

Sent to OM 24 Nov 2021 and never acknowledged.

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