Questioning The Covid Vax Narrative 

As much as the likes of Dr Bob Clark (The Mercury, October 6) dismiss submissions on the subject of Covid and vaccine treatments as “misinformation” because they differ from the decreed “narrative,” they should be asking themselves why it is that a substantial body of medical opinion differs from that narrative.

On what basis does Dr Clark dismiss the statements by eminent Harvard- trained cardiologist and author of 600 peer-reviewed publications, Dr Peter McCullough,  that none of the vaccines is safe and none promotes immunity?

How does Dr Clark account for the resurgence of Covid cases in Israel where 99% of the population has been vaccinated and received two booster shots?  Has he considered why the growing number of adverse and even fatal effects of vaccine shots are not reported?

Is Dr Clark aware that The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons, which is internationally networked, along with 4,000 doctors endorsed the Rome Covid Summit  Declaration condemning the suppression of debate on scientific inquiry into Covid, vaccines and the restriction of life-saving treatments?

Has it occurred to Dr Clark that financial interests motivate Big Pharma’s dismissal of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin, the inexpensive but highly effective Covid treatments? If Dr Clark googled Drs James Meehan of Tulsa, Oklahoma and Dr George Fareed of Brawley, California, he would find that between them they have not lost a single one of 10,000 Covid patients treated with HCQ or ivermectin.

Why is Dr Clark adamant that unless one is vaccinated, “we will not get out of lockdown” when natural immunity has been found to be unfailing in deterring Covid infection as attested to by CNN’s Dr Sanjay Gupta, Dr Marty Makary of John Hopkins University and 15 independent studies?

Dr Clark insists that the anointed narrative on this whole subject is based on science. However, careful interrogation of it indicates that the science to which he refers has been recruited to provide compliance with the globalist agenda that fulfils the aims of the new world order as Australian New South Wales govern

Sent to The Mercury 6 OCT 2021 and never published.

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