Open Letter To Discovery Health Ceo – Adrian Gore

Neither science nor health reasons substantiate your remarks published in BizNews on December 4, asserting the need for mandatory Covid vaccination.

In the first place, mandatory Covid vaccination is entirely disproportionate to the actual risk posed. This is borne out by the fact that the recovery rate of Covid-infected persons in South Africa is 96% and would have been even greater had hospitals provided ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine treatment. The death rate from tuberculosis in 2019, some 63,000, exceeded the number of deaths alleged to have been caused by Covid during the first 12 months of the so-called pandemic. Illustrative of the extent to which Covid deaths were grossly exaggerated is the Italian government’s revision of the 2020 Covid deaths from 130,000 to just 3,820.

You claim that being vaccinated is about making “better, healthier choices.” How you arrive at such a conclusion defies the facts of the matter. In September, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that the term “vaccine” was inappropriate because no standard duration of testing had been carried out. Accordingly, the CDC applied the term “preparation” to what is being injected into people. The CDC’s disclosure explains why none of the so-called vaccines on the market is certified to produce immunity and why all of the manufacturers are indemnified against claims concerning immunity and adverse reactions. Added to those doubts about what you claim to be a “healthier” choice, is the fact that last month in a US court, Pfizer asked to be given 55 years of grace – until 2076 – to disclose the data content of its “vaccine” preparation.

On the basis of those realities alone, Mr Gore, your assertion that having the jab is “rational,” is actually downright irrational. And that is further substantiated by the effects the jabs are having on people. Up until September, the World Health Organisation conservatively notched up 2,5 million cases of adverse reactions including myocarditis, partial paralysis, chronic fatigue and death. Vaccinated deaths of all ages in Europe tallied 30,000 and18,000 in the US.

Your statement that “when the population is vaccinated, the chance of variants is lower” is utterly groundless. In Ireland, Belgium, Israel, Taiwan, Singapore and the six New England states of the USA, where 90% of the population has been vaccinated, fresh Covid infections are rife. Moreover, the new variant, Omnicron, is manifesting itself amongst the vaccinated!

None of the above is “misinformation,” as you peremptorily dismiss it. More than 90 international studies, including those done at Yale and Oxford universities, endorse natural immunity as without peer in resisting Covid. The Norwegian government has downgraded Covid-19 to nothing more than “a seasonal respiratory ‘flu” and removed all previously imposed restrictions.

In the above context, not only is your advocacy of being Covid vaccinated a no-brainer, but it raises two new issues.

  • By falsifying the need for the jab, ignoring the fact that it does not produce immunity and is health-threatening, it is difficult to escape the conclusion, Mr Gore, that you are in lockstep with Big Pharma. In other words, you are focused on profits and not on science.
  • Mandatory vaccination means abolishing discussion and debate; politicising science, centralising control, saying yes to a monitored society, conceding constitutional rights to bodily integrity and freedom of expression. In short, permitting politicians to impose a dispensation that is not based on science but is a slippery slope to a totalitarian, Orwellian order.

Think again, Mr Gore.

Sent to Adrian Gore on 4th December 2021 and was never acknowledged.

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