Open Letter To Biz News Editor Alec Hogg

Good Day, Alec

Your introductory remarks to your interview with RW Johnson (February 21) are annoying because they mar what is usually a fair reflection of BIzNews’ coverage of issues.
I know from my brief meeting with you at Champagne Sports Resort  last year that you are prejudiced against Trump.
But to refer to him as “Captain Chaos” is utter rubbish.
Under Trump, there was no border crisis; America was not involved in any war; Trump tamed the egomaniac tyrant of North Korea. He compelled European states to pay their share of NATO defence.
Trump brought jobs back to the US from Mexico and China. He removed the job-destroying NAFTA agreement and replaced it with the USMCA, which benefits US ranchers, farmers and workers.
Under Trump, unemployment declined to the lowest levels in 50 years particularly amongst Latinos and African Americans.
Trump gave America’s the greatest tax cuts in its history thereby accelerating economic growth.
He compelled China to accept trade deals that benefited the US by hundreds of $ billions.
Gasoline prices were under $2 per gallon.
Seven million people were no longer reliant on food stamps.
Trump confronted the falsehood of the Paris climate accord and withdrew America. He recognised that fossil fuels play no part in global warming and that climate change is a natural phenomenon.
Trump revitalised the US military, which had atrophied under 8 years of Obama, because he recognises that the greatest deterrent to war is US military strength.
Despite a relentless vendetta of falsehoods against him from the globalist Democratic Party, history will recognise Trump as a phenomenally successful president.
That is the reason a Rasmussen poll  earlier this month on the issue of voter “respect” for political leaders found the following:
  • Trump     42%
  • Biden      21%
  • Obama    17%
  • Hillary Clinton 2%
An earlier Rasmussen poll in February found that 71% regard illegal immigration as  America’s most serious issue.
A similar poll found that 60% want the border wall completed. That statistic included 43% who are Democrats.
So, Alec, your connection to “chaos” with Trump is balderdash. How do you navigate around the chaos the globalist Biden regime is causing?
  • Highest inflation since Democrat Jimmy Carter.
  • The highest gasoline prices ever—three times higher than under Trump.
  • A deliberate open border that has allowed 10 million unvetted illegal aliens into the US since January 2021—3.8 million just last year.
  • Social chaos in NYC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco as a result of hordes of these migrants invading those cities and many others.
  • The Democrat policy of prioritising jobs for aliens over opportunities for American citizens.
  • The out of control Fentynal drug problem as a result of cartels now controlling the southern border.
  • The Biden regime’s tame approach to the world’s greatest sponsor of terrorism – Iran.
  • The Biden regime’s unaccounted donation of in excess of $200 billion to the undemocratic Zelensky regime in Ukraine but can’t spend money on the US southern border.
  • The Biden regime’s profligate spending which increased the national debt by $12 trillion.
  • Biden regime’s complicity in human trafficking in Ukraine and the US southern border.
  • The Biden regime’s ongoing violation of the 1st and 2nd amendments which has unconstitutionally prosecuted thousands.
Finally, Alec, your reference to the “Trump cult:”  The vast numbers of Americans who queue for 2 days at venues where Trump holds rallies and the vast crowds that pack out the stadiums while tens of thousands view his addresses on huge outside screens, that phenomenon is NOT a cult. It is a reality that resonates with more than half the legal American population who endorse Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.”
Polls, even by globalist, Trump-hating CNN, show that if the election were held now, Trump would win 53% of the vote.
So, Alec Try to prise yourself away from the archaic labels of “Left and Right Wing” and retool your thinking so that you distinguish between:
Globalist, anti-nationalist, socialist, WEF Orwellianism, – AND God-fearing upholding of heritage, history, constitutional liberty, and  national sovereignty.
Yours sincerely
Dr Duncan Du Bois

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