In Defence Of Ivermectin

Invariably source references are indicators of which side of the fence a person occupies. Ivo Vegter’s positive reference to Discovery Health and its promotion of vaccines makes it very clear on which side of the fence he resides.

In a widespread media statement, Discovery scorned the anti-vaxxers while saying nothing about ivermectin. That is because Discovery, the biggest medical aid scheme in South Africa prioritises profits ahead of science and health. There is no money in the sale of ivermectin, so in lockstep with Big Pharma, Discovery advocates vaccines.

Vegter can trot out all the anti-ivermectin references he wants. But if he checked their sources or affiliations, he might find that they are welded into the narrative which upholds vaccines and deprecates alternatives.

Be that as it may, here are some references and sources that somehow don’t seem to show up on Vegter’s radar.

The American Journal of Therapeutics, Vol. 28, July/August 2021, pp. 434-460, provides incontrovertible evidence that ivermectin has “a strong therapeutic efficacy” against Covid-19. It found that doses of ivermectin were 86% effective in reducing Covid infection and removed the need for mechanical ventilation.  A related study found that ivermectin reduced deaths amongst hospitalised Covid cases by 75%.

The Journal of Therapeutics argues that in the absence of the development of a cure for Covid-19, the repurposing of ivermectin should be a priority. As an inexpensive, over the counter treatment, it should be welcomed by all, particularly hospitals, medical aids and insurance companies. In Mexico and Peru, Ivermectin has been officially endorsed as a Covid fighter. The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh with a population of 240 million,  recorded a 98,7% recovery rate from Covid thanks to ivermectin.

Journal of Antiviral Research, April 2020, cited ivermectin’s efficacy in inhibiting the virus. In October 2020, the National Library of Medicine published research that compared Covid infection rates with countries in Africa that had distributed ivermectin with those that had not. Found a 28% lower mortality rate.

Dr Peter McCullough, former Professor at Baylor University School of Medicine, Dallas, Texas, is a Harvard-trained cardiologist, epidemiologist and author of 600 peer-reviewed medical publications. He says most Covid deaths could have been prevented by treatments that have been suppressed by policy-makers who have deliberately blocked HCQ and ivermectin (World Net Daily, 27 September 2021).

The same Dr McCullough told the US Senate in May that vaccines should not be promoted because none of them has been subjected to the standard 3 to 5 year testing period and already there are widespread reports of adverse and even fatal consequences from the vaccines. But that is another topic.

Regulatory capture by governments in tandem with Big Pharma explains why ivermectin, with a 47-year safety record and as one of the most positively peer-reviewed drugs, is deprecated by the narrative.  Dr James Meehan of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Dr George Fareed of Brawley, California,  between them they have not lost a single one of 10,000 Covid patients treated with ivermectin and HCQ.

Contrary to the dogmatic narrative, the CDC recommends ivermectin for refugees coming into the US. On its website, it prescribes two 200mg doses once a day for two days for all refugees from Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, the Caribbean and South America.

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