Heed The Voices Of History And Science

Following its call for mandatory Covid vaccination, The Mercury’s assertion that “curbing civil liberties is for the greater good,” (December 13) reminds one of the adages that those who ignore the lessons of the past are condemned to relive them.

British statesman Lord James Bryce famously pointed out that “the tendency of all governments is to increase their powers.” When PW Botha was promoting the idea of an executive presidency, The Mercury expressed misgivings about the prospects of such a dispensation. In an editorial published on August 2, 1982, it stated: “The concentration of additional powers in a new presidency certainly has awesome possibilities.”

Now, nearly 40 years later, by countenancing the suspension of section 12 (2) of the constitution, which is what mandatory Covid vaccination implies, promoting the curbing of civil liberties and thereby endorsing the powers of the cabal known as the Command Council, The Mercury is betraying its liberal roots.

Providing further context to this unfolding situation is the warning by another British statesman, Edmund Burke: “The people never give up their liberty except under some delusion.”

In that regard, there is incontrovertible evidence that: [1] Covid-19 is not a pandemic because the survival rate of the infected exceeds 96% in South Africa and 99% in Europe and the US; [2] effective treatment by ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine completely negates any need for a vaccine; [3] none of the so-called vaccines has been properly tested nor is certified to produce immunity; [4] vaccinations are causing re-infection, adverse health and deaths; [5] natural immunity is certified by 135 independent studies negating any need for a vaccine; [6] masks are totally ineffective in preventing virus penetration.

The voice of scientific reality is clear yet it is being denied and obfuscated by the narrative promoted by Big Pharma, the mass media and by power-hungry politicians. Worse still, there is incontrovertible evidence of collusion in all of this between the US Federal Drug Administration, the Centres for Disease Control, the World Health Organisation, the World Economic Forum and the European Union.

Besides, considering the reason why these formidable institutions seek to extend control over people by inhibiting their liberty, the question to ponder is: what is the agenda underlying the coercion being applied to have an injection that is untested, unsafe and does NOT produce immunity from a virus that, in any case, is a type of influenza.

The situation we are in calls earnestly for the voices of history and science to be heeded.

Sent to The Mercury 14 December 2021, and never published.

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