Forecasting Covid Waves Is Not Science

Weather forecasting is a proven, exact science based on comprehensive satellite detection.  No such science exists on forecasting the next wave of a pandemic yet this is now being touted as a fixed event right down to the date of its commencement as The Mercury editorial of October 11 reports.

By now it should be apparent that there is an agenda driving these “waves” that will magically keep occurring until the objective of the agenda is fulfilled.  And that objective, as your editorial points out, is to compel everyone to submit to having a Covid vaccine.

The experience of fully-vaccinated Israel shows what will happen after that. Fresh Covid outbreaks will then occur which will then be used to compel everyone to have a booster shot. Israel has already administered three booster shots – and still the virus continues.

It does not take rocket science to work out that the vaccines are the cause of this revolving door of illness. And, again, the reasons should be obvious: none of the vaccines has been properly tested, none is certified to produce immunity, all their manufacturers are indemnified against adverse reactions.

The growing, yet suspiciously unreported cases of adverse reactions and deaths caused by the vaccines should be the main focus of the news media. If a motor vehicle model has a poor safety record sales drop and the manufacturer recalls the model. That is what should be happening to these vaccines and that is why it is medical tyranny to promote them.

Sent to The Mercury 11th October 2021 and never published

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