Covid/Vax Narrative Sustained By Network

It is one of the privileges of adherents to the narrative on climate change and Covid vaccination to dismiss anything which challenges their dogma as “conspiracy theory.” In that respect, Gabi Marais (The Mercury, January 10) is a worthy team player.

There is no “conspiracy theory” in the extent to which many medical schools rely on Big Pharma for finance. As recipients of such aid, they are obliged to endorse Big Pharma’s narrative on issues such as Covid vaccinations. In turn, that narrative is disseminated by the mass media, which is controlled if not owned by Big Tech and linked financially with Big Pharma.  That network of operation is there for anyone to research and to appreciate the manufacture and pervasive extent of the narrative.

Fortunately, there are scientists and medical experts who prioritise scientific integrity. Among them are Dr Martin Kulldorf of Harvard, Dr Sunetra Gupta of Oxford and Dr Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford. They are the founders of what is called the Great Barrington Declaration, authored on October 4, 2020. It is highly critical of Covid restrictions and of vaccine coercion and is endorsed by 15,468 medical scientists and 45,609 medical practitioners from Europe, North America, India, New Zealand and Israel.

Gabi Marais exhorts us to “listen to renowned scientists.” The signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration are renowned scientists who are brave enough not to be intimidated by the Big Pharma, CDC, WHO, Dr Anthony Fauci narrative.

In claiming that “renowned scientists” adhere to “empirical backing,” how does Marais explain their silence at the mounting reports of adverse effects caused by the vaccines – 19,886 deaths, 102,857 hospitalisations and 946,461 adverse effects cases recorded by the CDC up to December 3? Where is the conspiracy in the fact that it is the vaccinated who comprise 90% of new Covid infections? There is no conspiracy in the graphic scenes of mass protests against mandatory vaccination.

It is Gabi Marais’ choice to adopt an eyes-wide-shut approach but there are those of us who prefer to question the Covid/vax narrative and realise its unscientific, Machiavellian, political and economic agenda by joining the dots.

Sent in to The Mercury and published 11 Jan 2022.

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