Good Day.

These remarks are overdue. I object to the Bank’s attempt to influence how I am to treat my health with its exhortation, plastered on its ATM screens and home pages of its website, to submit to having a Covid vaccination.

My objection is based on medical and legal grounds.

First, Covid is not a pandemic because the recovery rate in South Africa is 96%. If it was a pandemic, 30% of the population would be dead. Consequently, there is no need for a vaccine.

Second, what is being called a ‘vaccine’ is medically false. It is a ‘preparation,’ as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) terms it, which may stimulate anti-bodies in a person. But none of the ‘preparations’ is certified to produce immunity. All of the manufacturers – Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson, etc – are indemnified against the inability of their ‘preparations’ to produce immunity and against adverse reactions caused by them because all of their Covid ‘preparations’ are experimental. None of them has been subjected to the standard three to five-year trial and testing period.

Third, my objection, therefore, is to the Bank’s promotion of a medically untested procedure which is acknowledged to be unable to guarantee immunity. Worse still, by indulging in this promotion, the Bank is ignoring the growing list of extreme adverse effects of these so-called vaccines which include heart inflammation, paralysis and deaths.

Fourth, section 12(2) of the RSA Constitution upholds the right of citizens to bodily integrity and not to be subjected to medical or scientific experimentation. All of the so-called vaccines which Standard Bank is promoting are experimental.

If you are genuinely concerned about the health of your customers, then advise them to check for natural immunity in order to ascertain their health status regarding Covid. And then follow that up with a recommendation that, in the event that they are threatened by Covid, to treat themselves with ivermectin which is endorsed by the CDC, the governments of Peru, Mexico and state governments of India as well as by world-renowned cardiologist Dr Peter McCullough and many physicians in the USA.

Failing all that, please remove your statements about Covid and vaccination from your  ATMs and website and just stick to banking and finance.

Addressed to Lungisa Fuzile CEO of Standard Bank of SA 23rd October 2021 and never acknowledged.

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