Why The ICC Is Selective In Its Prosecutions

Gabi Marais (The Mercury, March 27) correctly points out how selective the ICC is in who it prosecutes and raises pertinent questions about why that is so.

The ICC, the WHO and other UN-affiliated bodies are tools of the globalist new world order funded by the US government. That is why Bush, Obama and Hillary Clinton were never fingered by the ICC for their crimes in Iraq and Libya. It is also the reason Biden, who gave the order to sabotage the Nordstream gas pipeline, did so with impunity and immunity.

The globalist Deep State wielders of power and their puppet Biden regime are seeking to start a war with Russia as a diversion from the truths to which they are being exposed by the investigative Republicans controlling the US House of Representatives.  Targeting Putin serves their purpose because their allies in the Deep State-controlled mass media have portrayed him as the arch enemy while ignoring the totalitarian regime of Zelinsky in Ukraine.

All Ukraine opposition parties were banned by Zelensky who also closed down opposition television stations. Yet the Biden regime and its fellow travellers in France, the UK and elsewhere insist on supporting Zelensky in the name of democracy. They do so purely because those governments are all part of the new world order which uses Ukraine as a money-laundering base, a centre for bio-weapon development and, inter alia, child trafficking. If the ICC was not what it is, it would prosecute Zelensky.

Proof of the veins and arteries that link the corrupt upper structure of US politics with the Zelinsky regime is to be found in who sits on the board of Burisma, the largest gas company in Ukraine: Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi’s son and Republican globalist Senator Mitt Romney’s son.

Power in the world today is divided between the World Economic Forum’s puppet states of the Western world and the BRICS states. Both sides are corrupt and violate human rights and basic freedoms. The only redeeming feature of the BRICS group, excluding China, is that religion thrives whereas in the US and the western world nihilism, materialism and Satanism are rapidly overrunning what’s left of Christianity.

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