Why Is Biden Not Impeached?
Biden is in breach of three sections of the constitution:
  1. Section 9 of Article 1: accepting emoluments from foreign sources. Biden is the beneficiary of monies paid from China and Ukraine to his son’s businesses.
  2. Section 1 of article 2: deliberate failure to protect the integrity of the constitution by allowing unimpeded, unvetted invasion of the US by illegal aliens.
  3. Violation of the 4th Amendment: Biden approved A-G Merrick Garland’s order allowing “unreasonable searches and seizures” of former President Trump’s private property. Even if there was a warrant, the contents of which remain unknown, the fact that Trump was cooperating with the National Archives and the FBI over the issue of documents does not mitigate the violation of the essence of the 4th Amendment.
Why is Biden not impeached?

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