Where The Vax Debate Should Focus

The reason The Mercury editorial of March 28 claims “the vaccine debate is not over yet” is because open debate on the subject is being suppressed by the mainstream media. If the stark realities of the subject were laid bare, a very different narrative would emerge.

In recent weeks the very institutions tasked with monitoring Covid deaths and the effects of the vaccines have made highly significant admissions. The UK Mail on Sunday noted that only 6% of deaths in the US in the period up to February 22 were from Covid. In Italy, the Covid death rate has been revised down to 2,9%. For its part, the CDC has conceded that “coding errors” resulted in deaths ascribed to Covid being greatly exaggerated. Scientists at Oxford University concur that “fundamental flaws” occurred in the recording of deaths ascribed to Covid with up to fourteen different terms used on death certificates.

So, the first reality to concede is that there was no pandemic, a factor attested to by the survival rate of 99%.  The figure given of almost 100,000 Covid deaths in South Africa, would most likely be a lot lower if properly analysed as a revision of death data in the UK and US has demonstrated.

The second and more crucial reality to recognise is the misinformation and adverse effects regarding the so-called vaccines.  The promotion of boosters proves that being vaxxed does not produce immunity. It is also a reality that the vaxxed are finding themselves re-infected with Covid.

Thus, it is a blatant falsehood promoted by the South African Dept of Health and its WHO advisor, Professor Abdool Karim, that “herd immunity” will be achieved only when more people have been vaxxed. On the contrary, as millions of vaxxed in the US and Europe are finding out, the only herd status they have achieved is to have weakened immune systems.

On page 23 of its report dated February 22, the UK Dept of Health noted anti-body levels are significantly lower amongst the vaxxed compared to the unvaxxed. Research confirmed what the European Medicines Agency found last year that the mRNA vax permanently depleted the body’s ability to restore anti-body capacity. The result is that the vaxxed are more prone to illness.

Ominously, the CDC has noted an 84% increase in the death rate amongst Millenials since vaxxing commenced. The 1,000% increase in serious health issues amongst the US military since compulsory vaxxing should be front-page news. But it isn’t. US military Dr Theresa Long has testified that she was ordered to suppress vax adverse effects data. The same news suppression concerns health issues and deaths amongst vaxxed sportsmen.

The only vaccine debate that should be taking place is: Why is a drug being promoted that was never properly tested, is not certified to produce Covid immunity and is proving more life-threatening than Covid?

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