West’s Challenges Are Due To Globalist Agenda

In stating that the West is experiencing challenges (The Mercury, October 12), Ebrahim Essa’s observation falls short of who in the West is accountable for those challenges.

Mass discontent with the policies of elected leaders across Europe should indicate that the narrative they are pursuing is not what the people want. Already in Sweden and Italy election outcomes have shown a sharp push-back against the political establishment.

Significantly, those whose policies are being rejected all belong to the World Economic Forum which is a globalist cabal committed to destroying national sovereignty. These are the same people who were complicit in shutting down the global economy for a virus with a mortality rate of 0, 04%, yet are now willing to risk a thermonuclear Holocaust with Russia.

They are the same people who unscientifically insist that fossil fuels must be banned and livestock herds culled in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions and thereby “save” the planet from overheating. They are the same people whose stupidity in terminating nuclear and coal-fired power stations is going to cause many thousands in Europe to freeze to death in the coming months.

The challenges faced in Europe and other Western states are exposing the agenda of the globalist cabal and its adherents in the mass media, Big Pharma, Big Tech and high finance. But the exposure of their dystopian agenda is awakening the masses and signals a healthy return to real democracy – that is, the government of the people, for the people, by the people.

Nothing illustrates more clearly the wicked intent of the globalists than their silence over President Trump’s offer to broker peace between Russia and Ukraine. Not a single member of the globalists in any of the governments over which they preside or any of their toady mass media allies has endorsed that offer. Yet they all talk about a pending nuclear war.  Why is war preferable to peace? What’s in it for them?

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