WEF’s Warnings Are Not Surprising

The World Economic Forum’s warnings of global high inflation and weak economic growth (The Mercury /Business Report, May 3) should not be surprising in light of the WEF’s grand Great Re-Set strategy.

The essence of the Great Re-Set agenda is to collapse the existing monetary system and to centralise and digitilise the means of purchasing as the ultimate mechanism of human control. Promoting that direction is the policy of ESG – Environmental Social Governance. This policy is a euphemism to compel the abandonment of fossil fuels and the complete transformation in how energy is generated in fulfilment of the falsehood that climate change is anthropogenic.

ESG has accelerated inflation, unemployment and social disintegration by its enforcement of what is called equity. Inflation in the US in Donald Trump’s presidency was less than two percent. Since the Biden regime’s occupation of the White House it has increased by 300%. Debt is another symptom of the WEF’s method of destroying the monetary system. Under Biden the US debt grew by $10 trillion in just two years.

The billions being “loaned” to South Africa to transform energy generation are just another debt load that will ensure the further depression of the economy and exacerbate unemployment by marginalising employment in the coal industry.

The end result of the WEF’s Great Re-Set cannot be overstated. It is the destruction of national sovereignties and their replacement by hemispheres as George Orwell envisaged. Simultaneously, the WEF aims to reduce the world’s population by at least two thirds through vaccines that kill and controls over water and food. For humanity that survives, their future would be servitude in a totalitarian order of Big Brother control. The Field Marshall of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, has expressed that goal very succinctly: “You will own nothing and you will be happy.”

Geopolitically the power of the criminal syndicate that has been dominating the planet based on the US dollar, is disintegrating. Thanks to the policies of the new world order Democrat party, US society is in turmoil through its abandonment of its Christian heritage, wokeism and the destruction of its youth through transgenderism and mass drug abuse. Already 77% of American males between the ages of 17 and 24 are unfit and unsuited for military recruitment.

Fortunately, the demise of the corrupt West need not be the fate of the rest of the world. More than 24 countries are now aligned with BRICS which is rapidly becoming a separate economic force in opposition to the Great Re-Set agenda. In 2009, historian Niall Ferguson predicted India as the coming great power. Its recent abandonment of the US dollar in its international trade and replacement by the rupee vindicates that trend.

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