Vax Questions That Need Answers

Citing death statistics of the unvaccinated without contextualising their age group and co-morbidities is hardly an endorsement of the efficacy of so-called vaccines (The Mercury, February 9).

Dr Reuning inquires about my information sources. Regarding New South Wales, my source is the same government source he cites. Yet without being specific, he cites “a study” in France claiming the success of the jab and boosters. How does he account for Scotland’s Public Health Department stating that weekly deaths up until October 14 were 30% above the norm, yet 87% of the population had been vaxxed?

On January 31, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin enquired why there had been a tenfold increase in neurological issues amongst the US military and a spike in pulmonary embolisms, an unusual affliction amongst 20 to 25-year-olds (World Net Daily, February 7). Those health issues come in the wake of the mass vaxxing of the military.

How does Dr Reuning account for the spike in re-infections amongst the vaxxed that has occurred in the New England states, New York, Israel, Belgium, Ireland? What is his take on the findings of the European Medical Agency and an Oxford study that booster shots are weakening immune systems? (World Net Daily, January 12; Epoch Times, December 13). How does his support for the so-called vaccines square with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla’s statement that the mRNA vaccines “do not have the safety profile we hoped to achieve”? (World Net Daily, January 10).

Claiming that the unvaxxed have a “10 to 20 times” greater probability of dying is not borne out by the reality that in ten months of vaxxing in 2021 in the US more people died than in nine months of vaxxing in 2020 (Epoch Times, October 7).

Regurgitating the narrative that “the overwhelming majority of all specialists support the view that vaccinations save lives” is hardly a credible statement when the nexus between Big Pharma and many medical schools and practitioners is common knowledge. Has Dr Reuning considered the brave, dissenting challenge of the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration – 45,609 doctors and 15,468 scientists?

As an adherent to the ethics of the Hippocratic Oath, does it not bother Dr Reuning that none of the so-called vaccines has been subjected to the standard lengthy testing period? Surely he should be suspicious of Pfizer’s refusal to disclose the contents of its jab which a US Judge has now compelled to be made public? Why does he endorse such a treatment when the recovery rate is 99%? What is his take on the finding that mRNA is causing myocarditis? (Journal of American Heart Association, Abstract No. 10712, November 8, 2021).

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