UN Migrant Deal Erodes Sovereignty

Only if one believes in globalism and the erosion of the sovereignty of nations can the UN’s Global Compact on Migration be hailed as a “victory,” which sections of the media are proclaiming.

By seeking to criminalise criticism of mass migration and to normalise it, the UN Compact and its adherents aim to blur the distinction between legal and illegal immigration. Moreover, by promoting the idea that people claiming to be refugees should enjoy a range of rights in countries where they have never previously set foot, is nothing more than a subversion of the sovereign rights and laws of nations.

To claim, as UN representative Louise Arbour does, that those opposed to the UN Compact are practising “a culture of exclusion” and that they are adherents of the “far-right,” is a red herring. No self-respecting nation seeks to have its culture and heritage subdued and subverted by those whose language, culture and religion are foreign to their own. Only the globalist elite led by Macron and Merkel welcomes the obliteration of their respective national cultures.

Besides the cartels that are funding caravans of migrants, the UN is promoting a Tower of Babel conflict that is already resulting in deep social division and confrontation throughout Western Europe. The UN Global Compact on Migration amounts to a declaration of war on nationalism and nationhood. The Australian government is to be commended for declining to support the UN’s chicanery.

Sent into The Sydney Morning Herald 14 December 2018.

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