UKZN Scientists Challenged

Since The Mercury’s publication of a report on July 26 headed ‘Debunking myths about Covid-19 vaccines,’ contradictory evidence has emanated from Pfizer’s documentation and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).

Professor Nigel Garrett and Dr Richard Lessells, both associated with UKZN medical research, extolled the virtues of being vaxxed and even claimed that the unvaxxed had a “six times higher risk of dying.” Lessells was reported as saying “no vaccine has become ineffective.” Their colleague, Dr Nokukhanya Msomi, insisted that “the vaccines are safe.”

But this past week, two sources from within the US medical establishment have revealed that what Garrett, Lessells and Msomi claimed, is specious. Compelled by a US court in January to release all documentation relating to its vaccine by August, the latest tranche of Pfizer documents discloses shocking information about the effects of the vaccine on a trial group of 50 women.

Miscarriages were suffered by 22 of the group, some 44%. Although that was known by the FDA, it nevertheless promoted the vaccine. Pfizer, for its part, ignored the deaths of the infants and dismissed the occurrences as “recovered-resolved adverse effects.”

If the vaccines are “safe,” how come the CDC’s passive, reported data, VAERS –vaccine adverse effects reporting system – shows monthly growth in the number of deaths and serious adverse effects?  For example, the VAERS report for August 2021 showed 13,068 deaths. To date, the number of deaths has risen to 30,162 with 251,075 serious, vax health consequences.

In its attempt to walk back the narrative of alarmism and falsehoods it propagated about Covid and the vaccines, the CDC has dropped its stance on quarantine and social distancing and acknowledged that vaxxing does not protect from Covid infection. As if to emphasise the latter, Biden, Obama and Hillary Clinton, despite multiple vaxxing, all have had Covid again along with four -times vaxxed Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla.

In a further radical revision of the narrative, the new CDC guidelines have ended health discrimination between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed. In attempting to project a contrite stance, CDC Director, Dr Rochelle Welensky, says the mRNA vax “will be rigorously evaluated for safety.”  A bit late, for all those who have died and are suffering from it. What happened to Welensky’s exhortation –‘trust the science’?

In Europe, the EU Medicines Agency has demanded the placement of health warnings concerning myocarditis and pericarditis on Novavax boxes. The UK Office for National Statistics confirmed that up to July the mortality rates per 100,000 were the lowest for the unvaxxed in every age group but that the mortality gap between them and the vaxxed was increasing by the month.

On the basis of these developments, can we expect a published revision of the opinions of the three UKZN medical scientists?

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  • Sally Posted 27 August 2022 10:10 am

    Short and to the point. Great read without all the bells and whistles. Thank you!

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