Turning  Point In US Politics?

Since 2016, Trump’s involvement in political power has been viewed by his opponents as a threat to democracy. In the days preceding the US mid-term elections, the narrative  chorused by the mass media and Democratic Party leaders was that votes for the Republican Party posed “a threat to our democracy.”

What few understand is the significance of the reference to “our.” It relates to an oligarchy which has been controlling the US for decades. President Eisenhower warned of the political influence of the “military-industrial complex.” The President who first expressed alarm about this oligarchical influence and explained it was Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s.

Private power has reached a point where it has become stronger than the democratic state itself. A concentration of private power without equality in history is growing seriously impairing the effectiveness of private enterprise. Private enterprise is ceasing to be free enterprise and is becoming a cluster of private collectivisms. Big business collectivism in industry compels an ultimate collectivism in government. The power of the few to manage the economic life of a nation must be diffused among the many or be transferred to the public and its democratically responsible government.” (cited by Richard Hofstadter in The American Political Tradition, p 444).

The Republican Party’s accession to power in the House of Representatives and its commitment to exposing the oligarchical connections Washington has with the likes of Big Tech, Big Pharma and China, signals a turning point in US politics. Understandably, there is great alarm within the ranks of those who have been colluding in perverting the US constitution and weaponising the FBI and the Department of Justice against their ideological opponents.

Under Republican domination of the Congress, the constitutional re-establishment of power to the people, by the people and for the people may see Roosevelt’s hopes fulfilled. Pertinent in that direction, is the almost certain removal of Biden from office via the 25th amendment marking 2023 as a centenary in terms of the demise of US presidents. The 29th President, Warren Harding, regarded as one of America’s least effective presidents, died in August 1923.

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