Trump’s UN Speech Deserves Applause

Predictably President Trump’s address to the UN has triggered a fresh round of anti-Trump rhetoric.  Not surprisingly his detractors have latched onto two sentences within his 42-minute speech, regarding North Korea and its dictator, in order to justify dismissing Trump as “undiplomatic, unwise and disparaging.” But why the double standards?

In 1993, when newly elected President Bill Clinton was on a tour of Asian states this is what he said about North Korea’s dictator – Kim Jong’s father: “We would overwhelmingly retaliate if North Korea were ever able to use nuclear weapons. It would mean the end of their country as they know it” ( Washington Post, July 9, 1993). Clinton also condemned the “many renegade nations” that sat within the halls of the UN. Nobody hyperventilated with rage when Bill Clinton made those remarks.

Of course, the problem for the Establishment media is that they are so used to the vacuous, effete,  apologetic, disingenuous bilge that has become the hallmark of speeches in the UN that a dose of straight talk from Trump is like a cold shower. For decades the UN has been recognised by reasonable people as “the theatre of the absurd” because more than half its membership comprises of despots and states that are not fully-fledged democracies. As such it cannot be called an “august body” as the mainstream media insist it is.

President Trump should be applauded for reminding the UN of its core aims and values – sovereignty, security and prosperity – and for condemning the hypocrisy of the mendicant UN members who pay lip service to human rights and democracy and those who bankroll terrorism.

Sent into The Washington Times, 22 September  2017.

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