Trump’s Indictment In Perspective

Has anybody picked up on how justice in America now requires the accused to prove his innocence in place of the traditional rule that a person is innocent until proven guilty? Yet that is how former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, views due process in the indictment of Donald Trump.

Following the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton falsified the use of campaign funds in her submissions to the Federal Election Commission. She was never charged or had her home raided. That same charge is now the basis of the indictment against Trump despite it having no basis in terms of expired documentation, relying on a witness, Michael Cohen, who was jailed for perjury, concerning a liaison between Trump and a woman that never occurred. Even the anti-Trump Washington Post has opined that the indictment is ill-advised because it is “a poor test case.”

The question, therefore, is why is this indictment going ahead? The Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, provided the answer when he ran for office. He made a pledge “to bag Trump” which was the requirement of globalist George Soros who financed his campaign to the tune of $1 million. So, the rule of law has now been turned on its head in order to pursue political aims. Bragg’s case would never have been brought against anyone else because it has no basis in law.

What Bragg is doing is what happens in banana republics. He is being allowed to weaponise the legal system to advance a political agenda. In so doing he is carrying out  Democrat Party policy which has been trying to destroy Trump since 2016. He represents the stumbling block to their well-advertised  and wilful aim of subverting US sovereignty by open borders, relegating US history and heritage to the dumpster, pursuing opponents of their woke, pagan ideology as “domestic terrorists,” morally and financially bankrupting what was the world’s most successful democracy so as to fit into the globalist, Orwellian new world order.

Democracy under the Biden regime has become a campaign of persecution, prosecution and weaponised vengeance against political opponents. President Abraham Lincoln did not seek vengeance against the defeated Confederates. Instead his view was that there should be “malice towards none with charity for all.”

The endorsement given by the globalist Democrat political establishment and its Manchurian resident in the White House for the un-American subversion of the rule of law, indicates that America has crossed an historical Rubicon. Unless that is reversed, within a decade the American Republic will be no different from Venezuela and other failed states.

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