Trump’s Award To Player In Perspective

If half of Narendh Ganesh’s hyperventilation against President Trump had a shred of truth, then his criticism of golfing great Gary Player for accepting the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump might be justified (The Mercury, January 11).

Unfortunately, Ganesh is afflicted by TDS -Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Having challenged him in other forums, he persists in claiming that Trump is a white supremacist despite the fact that Trump has repeatedly rejected that charge; that he has “shown disdain for African-Americans, Asian and Latin Americans” when his voter support from those communities surpasses that of any previous Republican president.

 Ganesh falsely accuses Trump of separating Mexican children from their parents. The fact is those children were deliberately thrust across the border as decoys for adults to gain access to the US on the grounds that the children were their own. A pity Ganesh does not read up about how in Obama’s time illegal immigrant children were kept in cages.

If there is a democratic fibre in Ganesh he should at least acknowledge that 74 million Americans voted for Trump. Thus, claiming  Player’s award does not represent the American people is badly out of focus. The same applies to his charge that Trump has led America to the brink of a civil war. The bangers of that drum are the mass media and their cohorts which condoned the anarchy in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis and Michigan and which deny the massive electoral fraud in the November election.

The divide in America is between globalists and American nationalists of all races. The divide is between those who seek to transform the US into an Orwellian hemisphere with open borders and socialist hegemony and those who seek to uphold the US constitution, heritage, history and sovereignty.

In conclusion, although Ganesh clearly cannot keep politics out of sport, he should be reminded that Gary Player often played golf with apartheid Prime Minister BJ Vorster.

Published in The Mercury January 2021

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