Trump Is Salvaging Democracy In America

Election year 2024 in America is unlike any previous one because it is a struggle between two forces: one globalist, Marxist, and psychopathic, the other constitutional, patriotic, and traditionalist.

At stake for the globalists is Trump’s pledge to make America great again. His goal is anathema to them because their Great Re-Set design requires America to be reduced to a Third World hemisphere compatible with a single Orwellian, authoritarian world government.

Besides the four bogus indictments of Trump intended to destroy his credibility and eligibility as a candidate for the presidency, the latest effort by his deranged opponents to exclude him from the ballot in various states on the proven baseless charge of fomenting insurrection, (The Mercury, March 4) needs to be seen in a wider perspective.

Fueling the hysteria of the globalists is what Drs Alex Bertrams and Ann Krispenz cited as “psychopathic tendencies,” published in a paper titled ‘Understanding Left-wing Authoritarianism” in March 2023. Those tendencies are blatantly evident in the globalist, misnamed Democratic Party.

After all, what sane political party supports amputating breasts and sexual organs in the quest for transgenderism, endorses infanticide, denial of parental rights, brands its opponents as ‘domestic terrorists,’ facilitates the unvetted entry of millions of aliens, among which are terror gangs, drug cartels, and human traffickers,  colludes with Big Tech to censor free speech, weaponizes the justice system against its opponents, and insists on the practice of equity, which includes those with severe intellectual and psychiatric disorders, being eligible to pilot aircraft?

Complicit in promoting this orgy of insanity is America’s mass media, which has long colluded with the agenda of the far Left while masquerading as ‘liberal.’ The great irony of the Left’s claim is that Trump threatens democracy. Yet by attempting to remove his name from the ballot in certain states, voters would be denied freedom of choice – the essence of the democratic process.

The unpalatable reality facing the globalist Left is that Trump’s Maga movement is salvaging democracy in America after decades of Deep State collusion between establishment comrades, regardless of whether they were nominally Democrats or Republicans.

 The vast, unprecedented crowds of Americans who attend Trump’s rallies and his clean sweep of the Republican primaries constitute an unprecedented political juggernaut in the name of ‘We the People’. That reality is what is exacerbating the Left’s meltdown as it doubles down on lies, fraud, contrived cyberattacks and war as a distraction while not ruling out assassination.

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