Transformation Will Doom Recovery

There is little to fault in KZN finance MEC Ravi Pillay’s comprehensive and realistic overview of the challenges to the province’s economy until one reaches the line which states: “all our measures must be underpinned by the principles of transformation” (Mercury, June 2).

Pillay acknowledges that economic recovery is a “most complex problem” in light of the estimated 6,8% contraction of the economy and the revenue shortfalls. He calls for as “united and collective effort” to achieve “significant economic growth.” Obviously, that is what we all want. But if that aim is premised on the basis of what is called “transformation,” it is doomed.

Already key voices in the ANC have made it clear that the Covid-19 crisis must be exploited to advance a radical socialist agenda. The President has vowed to get rid of the “racist, colonialist” economic system from which he derived his billionaire wealth. His cabinet colleague, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, has indicated her preference for the removal of a class of people, meaning whites, to facilitate radical economic transformation.

Therefore, Mr Pillay, please explain:

  • How you propose to achieve your laudable economic aims when the heavyweights in your party seek to alienate a vital sector of the population which not only generates a big chunk of the taxes you need but is also vital in providing infrastructure services?
  • On what basis your call for a “united collective effort” can be justified when those with skills and the ability to make a meaningful contribution to the province’s economy and welfare are subjected to racist demographic discrimination?
  • How the implementation of socialist economics will produce economic upliftment when historically it has succeeded only in making people equal in poverty and mediocrity?

The preamble of the constitution does not discriminate on the basis of race when it states that we are “united in our diversity.” In that spirit, the process and aims of “transformation” are not only unconstitutional but are as flagrantly racist as the baasskap of apartheid.

Sent into The Mercury and published, 3 June 2020.

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