Transformation At UKZN Exposed

Central to the apparent controversy surrounding UKZN Vice-Chancellor, Dr Albert van Jaarsveld, is the concept of “transformation” (Daily News, January 16).

Although accusations of racism and incompetence levelled at Dr van Jaarsveld have been found to be baseless, a group calling itself the Higher Educations Transformation Network (HETN) has challenged the exoneration of Dr van Jaarsveld by Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza.

Astonishingly and ironically the HETN spokesman, Lucky Thekisho, has rejected Advocate Ntsebeza’s findings as “suspicious” and claimed that “it is strange that black leadership victimise black colleagues. We will do whatever it takes to protect members.”

From that, it is clear that “transformation” is nothing but a euphemism for black domination. As such, it is racist in the extreme. Moreover, it means that fairness, freedom and opportunity – the very pillars of academia – do not prevail within such a mindset.

The time is overdue for academics who value merit above demographic representativity to tell the likes of the HETN group to take a hike. Failing that, the further demise of UKZN to junk status is guaranteed.

Published in The Daily News

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