Totalitarianism In US Education

Totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century enforced total control over education. Parents had zero rights over the most basic aspects of their children’s schooling. Unless Bill HR5 is approved by the US Senate, education in America is heading for a totalitarian dispensation.

The Parents Bill of Rights legislation HR5 passed by the Republicans in the House of Representatives strengthens the voice of parents in their children’s education. It does so by giving parents the right to oversee budgets and spending in schools; the right to attend school board meetings and be heard; the right to know what is being taught in schools and what materials are being used.

But the so-called Democrat party has rejected this Bill as “Orwellian” and “Fascist,” thereby demonstrating that the Democrat party is the proxy of the totalitarian globalists who reject national sovereignty and the US constitution. Their attitude expresses exactly why Trump has pledged to remove control of government from the Deep State treasonists and return it to the people.

By calling parents “domestic terrorists” because they  object to Critical Race Theory,  transgender ideology in their children’s education and the sanctioning of pornography in school libraries, of which Jill Biden approves, it is clear America has lost its moral compass.

Not surprisingly a recent survey showed that 20% of Americans favour a national divorce of states from the un-American policies of the Democrat Biden regime.

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