Time To Review Political Labels

Given the speed of the Trump tsunami, it is reasonable to forgive the media for continuing to apply political labels which have become archaic. The Daily News editorial of January 23 titled “Right-wing unity a threat” is a case in point.

Nowhere in Trump’s inaugural address did he make derogatory remarks about any of the issues which purportedly have resulted in mass protests on the streets.

In that connection, it is an established fact that the protests are orchestrated and have received financial backing from billionaire George Soros.

Although the behaviour of the protesters and their slogans are worthy of Hillary Clintons’ epithet “deplorable,” Trump poses no threat to their beliefs. In fact, he said it is their democratic right to protest. However misguided their protests may be, they nonetheless represent the confusion at the sea change in politics, which has come about through Brexit and Trump.

The new wind of change is about nationhood – hence Trump’s slogan “Make America great again.” It’s also about devolving power away from elites and central structures like the EU. Thus, labels such as Left and Right-wing are no longer applicable.

Trump’s speech was neither liberal nor conservative, nor was it partisan. But it was patriotic – a word which globalism has tried to bury. The Brexit vote was also neither Left nor Right-wing with people on both sides of the political aisle opposing it or supporting it.

Thus, the fear of the Daily News that the ‘’Right-wing” poses a threat, is unfounded. Instead, nationalism, which one sees so emphatically during the soccer world cup, is the new political menu.

Published in The Daily News

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