Time To Recognise That The ANC is a Spent Force

Despite the overwhelmingly pervasive evidence of the demise of governance under the ANC, the Mercury seems to have succumbed to the eyes wide shut syndrome in terms of its editorial of January 10.

Attempting to contrive future hope from the ANC is like hoping to derive nutrition from a rotten carcass. Nonetheless, the Mercury trots out the view that we are “a democracy underpinned by a constitution based on the rule of law.” De jure that is true. But the de facto reality is that the NEC of the ANC has become the highest law in the land. They have stated that only they will decide on whether Zuma continues as president, despite the finding of the Concourt that Zuma has violated his oath of office.

Given the fact that the ills that torment South Africa today are the result of the dysfunctionalism and corruption that has taken root under the ANC, it is futile to expect the “reigniting of the economy.” Reform is impossible from the disorganised faction-riven ANC whose antics and inactions are responsible for the need for reform.

The time is overdue to recognise that the ANC after almost 23 years in power, has become the same spent, corrupt force that the National Party was after 46 years in power. No credible case can be made to present the ANC as the only source of South Africa’s salvation.

Instead, it is time to recognise that South Africa’s redemption from the mess the ANC has made of it lies in the embrace a new political configuration based on a coalition of participants which put South Africa first and are

free from discredited populist and Marxist ideological moorings.

Published in The Mercury

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