The Vaccine Narrative Should Raise Alarm

Given past histories when medications were halted as a result of adverse effects, the massive media campaign promoting Covid vaccination, while ignoring science, should be a matter of grave concern. The report on the rapid vaccination progress in Limpopo province is a case in point (The Mercury, August 30).

In 1976 the H1N1 swine flu vaccine was terminated after just 450 cases of ascending paralysis were reported. Thalidomide hailed as a wonder drug against morning sickness was withdrawn in 1962 after it was found to have caused 6,000 miscarriages, 2,000 stillborn cases and thousands of cases of birth defects in Britain alone.

The point here is that those medications were withdrawn from the market because adverse effects raised alarm. Already there is growing evidence that the Covid vaccines are not only causing deaths and adverse side-effects but are not proving effective in preventing infection. The CDC has conceded that the Pfizer vaccine is only 42% effective. Already the vaccine narrative claims booster jabs will be necessary.

Yet as of 23 August the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System noted the following statistics as a result of vaccine doses in the USA: 13,068 deaths, 154,142 hospitalisations, 5,617 anaphylaxis cases, 4,681 Bells Palsy cases, 1,607 miscarriages, 4,861 myocarditis cases, 13,812 life-threatening reactions, 17,228 cases of varying disability [source: World Net Daily].

Given the reality that none of the Covid vaccines has been subjected to lengthy trial testing, it is an outrageous violation of personal liberty that politicians, medical aids, big business and the media are pressuring people to have the jab.

Given the reality that the recovery rate from Covid-19 ranges from 96% in South Africa to 99,8% in the US, Covid-19 is not a pandemic and therefore there is no need for a vaccine. Anyway, before anyone contemplates having the vaccine their own natural immunity should be tested.

Fifteen studies in the US have proved conclusively that naturally acquired immunity is more robust and sustainable than any vaccine. That finding has been corroborated by a study in Israel.

Published in The Mercury September 2021

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