A current quip notes that ‘if all the sudden deaths being reported were from the ranks of the unvaxxed, it would be news 24/7.’ Yet the standard claim that these sudden deaths are “unexplained” is not supported by data and recent history.

Thanks to collusion between Big Pharma and their proxy politicians in every country where having the jab was made virtually compulsory, there has been a spike in mortality statistics. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (abs.gov.au) recorded a 16% increase in 2022. Not surprisingly, the Bureau makes no reference to the jab as the likely cause.

BBC news on January 10 reported 650,000 deaths in the UK in 2022 – an increase of 9% over the mortality rate of 2019. The German Bundestag Statistics for 2022, released on January 10, show an 8% increase in the death rate compared with the period 2018 to to2021. Canada (statcan.gc.ca) recorded a 7,4% increase between March 2020 and June 2022. According to BizNews of January 16, during 2021-2022, worldwide 1,650 athletes collapsed due to cardiac events, a known effect of the jab. Of those, 1,148 died. Robert Kennedy’s The Defender (January 9) reported a spike in “cause unknown” deaths in South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Portugal – all mass-vaxxed countries.

A recent survey found that 25% of Americans acknowledge having known someone who had had the jab, yet died suddenly. Data extrapolated from a Rasmussen survey of Americans who have been jabbed found that 12 million of them experienced major side effects. Since the jab roll-out in America, three million people have been added to the disability rolls (World Net Daily, February 3).

Despite these developments, in his New Year’s message, Biden exhorted Americans to “get jabbed.” In an opinion column on January 8, the Wall Street Journal deprecated the role of the Biden White House in violating the first amendment by placing “relentless, coercive pressure” on social media to censor views contrary to the Covid /vax narrative.

Addressing the Newspaper Publishers’ Association in New York on April 27, 1961, President Kennedy called for greater openness in the dissemination of information. He firmly disparaged its manipulation by what he termed “monolithic structures” which sought to silence dissenters and to bury mistakes.

Yet that is exactly what is happening not only in Biden’s America but in many states that call themselves democratic and liberal. The real conspiracy of our time is the wilful suppression of the life-threatening effects of the mRNA vax coupled, simultaneously, with the silencing of highly reputable medical dissent.

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