The Political Left Offers Only Oppressive Failure

Despite his thorough, well-informed analysis of political prospects in KZN Imraan Buccus’s anaemic view of an IFP/DA coalition and his disappointment at “the lack of any left-wing party on the ballot,” this raises questions about what he would like to see in the province (POST, February 14–19).

He rightly states that “few will lament” an end to the ANC’s corruption, theft, and abuse of power. He welcomes the prospect of an IFP/DA coalition being able to “get the basic things working and stop the thieving,” but then deprecates them for not having “any real political vision.”

Surely, an IFP/DA coalition is the ideal way to deliver what Buccus desires: “a more just and inclusive society?” The DA is exceptionally racially and culturally inclusive. Although the IFP does not match that inclusivity, both parties recognise the failings of socialism and embrace a free market economy.

For twenty years, KZN has been subjected to socialist ideology, which has resulted in a very unjust and unequal society. The ANC elite and their tenderpreneurs have prioritised their interests and avarice at the expense of the majority. Under the ANC, the welfare of the majority has experienced new levels of impoverishment.

History shows that for the masses, socialism creates mediocrity and equality in austerity and deprivation. The left-wing grouping in the form of the ANC/SACP/Cosatu has produced the failed state that South Africa has become. That is what such groupings are good at, as Zimbabwe, Cuba, and Venezuela demonstrate. As such, Buccus’s hankering after left-wing political choices may be nostalgic, but in reality, they are oppressive failures to be avoided.

Given the political revolts and upheavals that are occurring in Europe, North America and Argentina where people are protesting in unprecedented numbers against Marxist, globalist hegemony, the ideological labels of Left-wing and Right-wing have been made redundant.

The real political choice in 2024 and beyond is between Orwellian, socialist globalism or God-fearing, socio-economic freedom, tradition and heritage.

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