The Peril And Falsehood Of Communism

Communists and their fellow travellers always focus on the theory of their ideology. They never acknowledge its brutality and inhumanity that cost the lives of more than 100 million people where it was ruthlessly imposed making the twentieth century the most blood-sodden in history.

As the first communist state to be established, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [USSR] was a giant prison camp sustained by ruthless dictatorship. The word soviet means ‘council’ which suggests a system of consultation. But like the name ‘USSR,’ it was contrived. The union of soviet states was an involuntary bondage of 15 components held together by fear and force. The components were never republics in the sense that they had a degree of independence or autonomy. The speed with which they hastened to become independent states following the collapse of the USSR in 1991 proves that.

The doctrine of communism seeks to mould human society into a classless, collective dispensation of workers called the dictatorship of the proletariate that is “free and democratic” because it expresses the “will of the people” who have overthrown the “slavery of capitalism”. The falsehood, double-standards and brutality of communism was timelessly exposed by George Orwell in his satirical book Animal Farm published in 1949.

Having won the “struggle” on behalf of the “oppressed,” the Communist Party proclaimed itself the guardian of worker liberation and wellbeing. Its commands and decisions were always to be applauded and obeyed. To ensure that the “evils of capitalism and private ownership” could never again exploit the workers, everything – employment, housing, education, health care, food supply, manufacturing and production – was collectively owned, controlled and managed by the Communist Party “on behalf of the workers.” That is why communist states are one-party states. The party and the state are one and the same.

But, human nature being what it is, inevitably has difficulty accepting what is nothing less than coercion and repression by an atheistic dictatorial system. So, attempts to engage in natural human activities such as Christian worship, private business and the desire to profit from one’s own enterprise or to question and criticise, were punished as “crimes against the state” and for being “enemies of the state.” The victims were subjected to long prison sentences in remote places and often never heard of again. Some were sent to psychiatric hospitals to be “treated” for “mental illness” because they challenged communism. Severe reprisals for family connections and associates were always guaranteed. “Un-soviet” remarks were to be avoided at all costs.

From how the communist system prevails, it is obvious that it is a system based on fear; fear of being accused of “un-soviet” expression; fear of being associated with someone who has a “criminal” record; fear for having been seen talking to a foreign tourist; fear as to who one can trust; fear of the constant surveillance that occurred in places of work and residence; fear of losing one’s accommodation or job because of a false accusation; fear of being accused of sabotage or being a spy and consigned to a labour camp in Siberia or simply shot; fear that came from realising that the system was a giant fraud and a prison camp from which there was no escape.

No system which denies the five freedoms – speech, press, religion, assembly and mobility – can be regarded as democratic and liberating. Communism denies those rights because they expose it for the fraud that it is. So the question to ask is: What is the point of communism?

Holding people in captivity is as old as history. It is imperialism. Just as in biblical times the Babylonian and the Roman empires subjected various nations to captivity and occupation, so communism seeks to extend control over nations in its bid to create a godless one world order and government presided over and for the benefit of a small super rich elite.

The difference between Roman imperialism and communism is that the benefits of Roman rule were not confined to a handful of elitist imperialists. But under communism only a very small elite enjoy an exclusive, alternative lifestyle. In the USSR with a population of about 250 million, less than 10 million people were card-carrying members of the CPSU. Within the hierarchy of the CPSU there were millionaires, people who owned limousines, had country estates, could travel abroad, had access to special health care, shops which carried luxury, imported goods. From Lenin to Gorbachev, all Soviet leaders were multi-millionaires. Fidel Castro of dirt-poor Cuba died a billionaire as did Robert Mugabe. Yet the ordinary masses led a hand- to -mouth existence based on ration cards and constant shortages of the basics of life.

Imposing socialism is the first phase on the road to communism. It involves progressive state control over health care, welfare, education, the right to self-defence, food access and religion. At the same time socialism impoverishes a country through punitive taxes and the escalation of debt. It also promotes antagonism between classes and races so as to tear a society apart. Lenin’s philosophy was that “a society had to be ended before it could be mended.” Those eight targets were indicated by socialist Saul Alinsky in his book Rules for Radicals (1971) and are being implemented in various stages worldwide.

In the USA, the Democratic Party has become socialist because it fully embraces the Alinsky programme. Within the US, UK and every major country, there exists what is called the ‘establishment.’ It controls the media, universities, major industries and the major political parties. It promotes convergent thinking so that although there may be differences in tone and volume, the message is the same. That message is always one of bigger government, more debt, more controls, more dependence on the state, diminishing civil liberties.

The ANC, which is dominated by communists, is busy with seven of the Alinsky targets – religion not being in its grasp, yet. Consider the extent to which key sections of the print media are owned by Iqbal Surve, an ANC ally; the SABC and other media organs all sing from the same ANC hymn sheet. Consider the extent to which through B-BBEE the economy is manipulated and constricted by elements aligned with the ANC. Consider the extent to which the national debt is rising along with bankruptcies of municipalities and state-owned enterprises like SAA, Denel and Eskom. Consider the real agenda of ‘transformation’ as it is being applied in civil society, commerce and education. Consider the on-going looting and corruption which is never decisively prosecuted and jailed. Consider the deliberate demonization of whites with reference to “white monopoly capital,” accusations of land “theft” and promises of “slaughter.”

There you have the Alinsky programme in top gear and the path to totalitarian communism in the making.

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