The Madness Of The Us Equality Act

By its passage of the misnamed Equality Act on February 25, the Democrat-led US House of Representatives  has provided full expression to the adage “those whom the gods would condemn, they first make mad.”

By denying the Biblically-referenced, God-ordained distinction between male and female and indicting those who refuse to comply with their perverted legislation, the Biden-Democrat rulers of the USA have mocked God and violated the values and rights expressed in the preamble of the US Constitution and its first amendment.

If “cancel culture” is one of the thrusts of the Biden-Democrat regime, then the Equality Act is very much on-message. It obliges schools, churches, clubs, institutions and hospitals to abandon male/ female distinctions regardless of religious and moral beliefs and perceptions. It mandates schools to instruct little children in grades one to three to choose whether they want to be male or female. Besides the madness of that, the Act seeks to supersede the role of parents and family life with regard to biological education. It compels ablution and change-room facilities and sporting teams to be open to anyone since gender is not the criterion.

It weaponises Federal grants and loans by denying accreditation to colleges and institutions which do not comply with the Act. It compels those affiliated with the medical profession to conduct gender transition treatments and surgery regardless of their beliefs.

This legislative abomination reflects the extent to which Biblical precepts have been abandoned in American public life. In that regard, the silence of those who applauded the onset of the Biden presidency as a “breath of fresh air” that would make America “a better place,” is deafening.

Published in The Mercury February 2021

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