The Deception Of The mRNA Vaccine

If ever there was a photograph conveying the subversion of science it was of WHO Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus glad-handing researchers on the occasion of the WHO’s launch of its mRNA vaccine hub in Cape Town (Business Report, April 21).

Much-maligned by the WHO, CDC, FDA and medical departments whose funding comes from Bill Gates and Big Pharma, Dr Peter McCullough, in an interview on rumble on April 22, condemned mRNA (Messenger Ribonucleic Acid) as a “largely experimental human disaster” that is causing record health impairment. mRNA in the so-called Covid vaccines (actually drugs) promoted by Big Pharma and its affiliates, produces a spike in protein which is toxic and is causing unprecedented increases in heart and brain damage.

Since mass vaxxing, death rates have been increasing. The Australian Bureau of Statistics ( reported a 16% increase in the mortality rate in 2022. A 9% spike was recorded by the UK Office of National Statistics. Germany and Canada respectively recorded increases of 8% and 7,4%. On February 23, the New Zealand Herald reported the greatest increase in the mortality rate in 100 years.  On January 16, BizNews reported that in 2021 -2022, cardiac events caused 1,650 professional athletes to collapse. Of those 1,048 died subsequently. Robert Kennedy’s The Defender (February 7) cited the peer review study by Drs GS Goldman and NZ Miller which found a correlation between vaxxed babies and a higher mortality rate.

Yet here we have the WHO masquerading as a Good Samaritan by promoting this toxic drug as a “a life-supporting product” to countries that can’t afford to distribute it. This is the same organisation that duped the world into declaring Covid a “public health emergency” – a pandemic – and has never explained why more than 96% of the Covid-infected survived, which means it was never a pandemic.

It is nothing short of criminal that this drug is being promoted when Pfizer admitted in the Pretoria High Court a month ago in a case brought by the Freedom Alliance that its mRNA is “unsafe and ineffective.” CDC Director Dr Walensky conceded in the inquiry being conducted by the House of Representatives that the vax does not stop the spread of the virus.

Adding to the falsehood that is being promoted about the mRNA hub in Cape Town is Health minister Joe Phaala’s claptrap about a “global collaborative network” that is “empowering us to deal with future epidemics.” How naïve is this man? The only empowerment taking place is that of Big Pharma which made $100 billion in profits from the coerced infliction of their mRNA drug.

The Defender (April 11) revealed that in the US doctors were incentivised to vax as many people as they could earning $250 per patient “in recognition of their hard work.” No doubt a similar racket will be underway here soon expedited by the experts in corruption and looting – the ANC.

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