The Conflict Within America Today

The divisions in American politics are no longer premised on conservative versus liberal diversity. That is because both sides have been subjected to takeovers from within which have placed them on a collision course in determining not only the future of the United States but much of the world.

Traditionally the Democratic Party espoused liberal policies while the Republicans embraced conservatism. In the past 60 years, however, the only real differences between the two have been defined by personalities: Reagan for the Republicans, Bill Clinton for the Democrats. Although the Republicans opposed the bigger government policies of the Democrats, under Republican Presidents, the Federal government grew in size.   Despite President Eisenhower’s warning, both parties were harnessed to serve the interests of the “military-industrial complex.”  Until Trump, every President since Ford involved America in foreign wars or external military operations.

As a consequence of serving powerful financial interests, despite disingenuously claiming parochial distinctions, the essential differences between the Democratic and Republican parties have become almost indistinguishable.  With differences limited to tone and volume, both parties subscribed to the narratives of the elite establishment, the bullhorns of the media and the captains of industry, finance and education.

At international level, whether a Bush or an Obama was in the White House, both were aligned to the World Economic Forum’s agenda of global government established at the expense of national sovereignty. Crucial to that is the evolution of hemispheres in the place of national sovereign states – open borders as Hillary Clinton advocated in her 2016 campaign, now being applied by Biden.

Undeniably and inevitably, the transformation of the USA into a borderless, polyglot hemisphere involves the progressive abolition of its constitution. For unless states’ rights are curtailed, election results manipulated, free speech censored and the right to bear arms denied, the globalists’ dismantling of the USA would be obstructed.

Donald Trump’s unexpected accession to the presidency in 2016, with his pledge to ‘make America great again,’ constituted a major setback for the globalist political establishment. From his first day in office, they worked to discredit him and obstruct his policies.

What has enraged the establishment was Trump’s removal of the Republican Party from their clutches and his rekindling of American nationalism with its adherence to heritage, history and patriotism.  In so doing, Trump has exposed the un-American globalism of the Democratic Party and Republican dynasties like the Bushes and Cheneys.

Thus, the conflict within America today is between those upholding its constitutional and traditional values and the Biden regime’s un-American application of the World Economic Forum’s Great Re-Set agenda of the green deal, open borders, wokeism, transgender grooming, depopulation through vaccines and Orwellian hegemony.

Following their flawed impeachment attempts, to avert the prospect of Trump’s Republicans gaining control over the Senate and House in November, in desperation, the radical Democrats are resorting to banana- republic reprisals which may yet see Trump’s arrest and possible assassination. Two opposing ideologies are on a collision course in America.

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