The Caprice And Deceit Of The Covid/Vax Rules

There is a great deal of truth in the quip that this year’s April Fools’ Day was cancelled because it really was not possible to spin a yarn that could supersede some of the current outrageous happenings.

One arena that is drawing egregious comments concerns Covid protocols. Last month US First Lady Jill Biden invited Congressional representatives and their spouses to a soiree at the White House. But what should have been a relaxed and informal occasion was marred by the terms and conditions of the invitation: those who were unvaxxed had to wear a mask, maintain a strict social distance at all times and refrain from eating.

The latest Covid regulations gazetted by South Africa’s ruling Command Council provide a further case in point (The Mercury, April 1). The Command Council’s continued insistence on them despite the very minimal effect Covid has had and the fact that vast numbers of people do not adhere to the basic protocols, simply makes no sense.

The distinction made in the requirements for gatherings is absurd. There is zero logic in limiting an indoor gathering to just 50% of its capacity when all in attendance have to be vaxxed or Covid-free. If being vaxxed is the ticket, what is the threat? Yet the same boffins who prescribe these strictures see no threat in 2,000 unvaxxed people at an outdoor gathering.

Despite this absurd, unscientific, social micro-management, it is sad to note that certain civic leaders are happy to embrace it because “it is for the protection of the people.” One wonders how they explain the complete abandonment of all Covid protocols in the UK. It also appears they are grossly ignorant of the extent to which the CDC and health authorities in the UK, Italy and in the US have conceded that deaths ascribed to Covid were greatly exaggerated and that, by implication, there never was a pandemic.

However, beyond the caprice of the Covid/vax rules lies a web of deceit. Influenced by WHO member Professor Salim Karim, the Command Council is participating in  negotiations the WHO began on March 3 which seek to bind all countries to a treaty empowering the WHO to dictate health system protocols. Presciently, Professor Karim and the WHO have already determined that the next viral variant will strike in May, coinciding with the onset of the ‘flu season.

Devoid of public participation, the treaty would effectively undermine national sovereignty in determining health policies. The Command Council is using the non-existent “state of disaster” as a smokescreen behind which they are colluding in the erosion of South Africa’s sovereignty and thereby increasing its subservience to Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation which finance the WHO.

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