Stop Distorting Political Values

If historians of the future have to rely on the so-called mainstream media and its mindset to determine current trends they will be mistaken. A report in the Daily News (September 11) on the recent election in Sweden provides a case in point.

In many European countries, as the British Brexit vote showed, voters are increasingly demanding the defence of national sovereignty. Their demands are twofold: the rejection of the emasculation of sovereign power by the European Union and resentment at the colonisation of their countries by immigrants whose culture, race and religion are completely at odds with European norms.

Nationalism is what those voters are endorsing. Yet the Daily News, like other mainstream media, persists in calling such voters ‘Far-Right.’ Strangely one never reads about the ‘Far Left.’ Globalists, socialists, and communists are the Far Left, but their true branding is masked by the use of  labels such as ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive.’

Just as communists and their fellow travellers are Far Left, the real Far Right comprises Fascists and Nazis. It is, therefore, wrong and unacceptable to label folk who want to preserve national sovereignty and cultural homogeneity as ‘Far Right.’ Support for the Brexit vote came from both sides of Britain’s political aisle and included well-known leftist figures like Lord David Owen. Let’s have an end to this distortion of political values.

Sent into The Daily News and published, 12 September 2018.

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