State-owned Pharmacy: Another Socialist Milestone

The announcement that the ANC is in an advanced state of establishing a state-owned pharmacy along with a state-owned bank should be seen as further milestones in the transformation of South Africa into a fully-fledged socialist state (Business Report, July 14).

Already it is an established fact that the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) enjoys financial support from and adheres to Big Pharma and the WHO – both of which are financed by the Gates Foundation.

From an economic standpoint, state control over the pharmaceutical industry is a huge win for Big Pharma because it means it can dictate to a single entity without fear of competition. For individual pharmacists, it spells the death knell for their economic survival as it means they can procure product only through the state.

Destruction of small businesses and the middle class is the primary objective of socialism. Control of health is also one of the nine key areas of control in establishing socialist hegemony. The other eight concern education, impoverishment, welfare, debt, disarmament, religion, racial division and the media.

Already the pharmacy industry is being dominated by Big Pharma in the form of Dischem, Clicks, and where Spar and Checkers have in-house pharmacies. Small, family-owned pharmacies have been squeezed out of business. The same is happening to individually owned veterinary clinics. Their ability to access medications and drugs from Big Pharma monopoly producers like Aspen are pricing them out of business.

Everything the ANC spokesman Jacob Mamabolo says about the intended state-owned pharmaceutical company concerning procurement, regulation, oversight, research and dispensing, sounds like he read it off Big Pharma’s teleprompter. The only part he omitted was the percentage cut the ANC will get from having centralised control of pharmaceutical healthcare.

Like the EWC legislation and the NHI, the state-owned bank and pharmaceutical company represent significant steps in transforming South Africa into another failed socialist dystopia like Cuba and Venezuela.

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