Speculation On Trump’s Documents Is A Red Herring

The details of what documentation Trump may have had at his Mar a Largo residence are based on media reports, as Farouk Araie notes (The Mercury, September 27). As such, they are purely speculative and conform to the mass media’s relentless, malicious narrative concerning the 45th President.

Until the report of the Special Master appointed to determine the contents of what the FBI took from Mar a Largo, what should be the focus is how it compares with two former presidents. In 2011, a court ruled that Bill Clinton was entitled to keep his confidential presidential records. Since 2017, with the full knowledge and coordination of federal officials, Barrack Obama has been storing a vast number of documents in a furniture warehouse in Chicago. Biden’s vice presidential records are sitting in the basement of the University of Delaware.

A Supreme Court ruling in 1987 empowered presidents to declassify documents. Trump has stated repeatedly that the documents he had in his possession were declassified. On that basis there was no justification for the FBI raid on Mar a Largo, particularly as FBI officials had been co-ordinating with Trump on the security aspect of storage at his residence.

Beyond the fact that the FBI took Trump’s medical records, tax records, his passports and even a copy of his Will, speculation on the possible contents of the documentation is merely a red herring. Although Biden denied any fore-knowledge of the raid, Judge Aileen Cannon has revealed that on May 10 he gave the go-ahead for it.

The timing of the FBI raid is very significant. For 18 months, Trump’s documentation was not an issue for Biden and his Attorney-General Garland. But with the political fortunes of the Democrats in free fall as they face the mid-terms in November, Biden and his Deep State handlers need news diversions which their mass media allies are happy to grant.

Biden’s September 1 speech where he called Trump and his supporters “enemies of the state” was a disgraceful dog whistle intended to provoke the MAGA movement to violence so as to portray the Democrats as the party of law and order. But as law-abiding conservatives, MAGA supporters do not indulge in the mayhem and arson that the Democrats tolerated in cities in 2019.

Growing anxiety at the wokeness and un-American nature of the Biden regime’s globalist policies is firing up Trump’s support base.  The absence of media focus on the truth of the deleterious effect of Biden’s policies makes a mockery of the principles of transparency and accountability.

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