Socialism Promotes Ruin

In carrying the comments of SACP member Blade Nzimande and the Marxist Dlamini Zuma at the funeral of their comrade ‘Stalin’ Mtshali, the Daily News of October 22 has reminded us that as long as the bankrupt, dinosaur policy of socialism is promoted, South Africa can look forward only to equality in poverty.

The entire Soviet Union collapsed because of the inherent inability of socialism to promote economic growth and alleviate poverty. Cuba remains mired in an arrested state of development thanks to58 years of socialism. Currently, Venezuela is plumbing the depths of economic misery because of socialist coercion. Brazil has wised up to the fallacy of socialism by rejecting it in its presidential election.

After 24 years of ANC/SACP socialist policies, it should be obvious that that ideology does not deliver economic growth and poverty alleviation. If it did, then how is it that the unemployment rate has grown from 3,6 million in 1994 to almost 10 million? If socialism was the answer, how come the likes of Blade Nzimande and his elitist comrades prefer private hospitals and private schools to the rundown state versions?

For Nzimande and his ilk to claim that socialism is the panacea for the mess they have inflicted on South Africa is downright hypocrisy and falsehood. Socialism is synonymous with degradation and ruin.

Sent into The Daily News and published, 23 October 2018.

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