Significance Of Baltimore Bridge

If Ebrahim Essa had concentrated on the significance of the name of the Baltimore Bridge—Francis Scott—it might have saved him a great deal of irrelevant conjecture (The Mercury, April 2).

Francis Scott was a prominent attorney. In September 1814, he was tasked with negotiating the release of American prisoners from the British, who were bombarding Fort McHenry. From his vantage point on the Patapsco River, he was anxious to see if the American flag was still flying, indicating that the Fort had survived the British onslaught which had persisted throughout the night.

Scott’s relief at dawn the next day on seeing the Stars and Stripes still aloft inspired him to write a poem which became the ‘Star Spangled Banner.’ At President Hoover’s request, it became America’s national anthem in 1931.

According to Christian strategist Dr Lance Wallnau, given its link with the anthem, the destruction of the bridge could be symptomatic of the assault which is occurring on America’s history, heritage and traditions from wokeism, critical race theory, globalism, the 1619 Project and the Biden-endorsed invasion by eight million illegal migrants.

The World Net Daily of March 6 reported Elon Musk saying he sees the groundwork being laid for another 9/11 or worse. Already the Deep State-controlled mass media is warning of cyber-attacks, power blackouts, water poisoning, and internet disruptions. The motive behind all these depredations is distraction, confusion and disruption leading up to the November 5, 2024 election.

The globalist Deep State element that for so long has controlled America is terrified of Trump becoming the 47th president because of his Maga agenda. Already, it is floating the narrative that the election may have to be postponed because of insecurity.

A further explanation for the destruction of the Francis Scott Bridge is apparent from the ship’s black box. Shortly before the ship struck the bridge, there was a two-minute interruption of data to the ship’s navigation system, indicating that its system was hacked.

The destruction of the bridge is not a timely lesson, as Ebrahim Essa states. It is an indicator of the evil, multilateral warfare being waged against the Constitution of the American Republic on all fronts.

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