Shameful To Take Malema Seriously

Viewed within the context of Malema’s motives for threatening a national shutdown on March 20 and the diminutive size of the EFF in terms of its electoral support, it is shameful that this wannabe, tinpot dictator is being taken seriously.

In the 2019 election the EFF’s 1,8 million votes constituted just 6% of the 29 million registered voters. What sort of a country have we become to be intimidated by this small group of Marxists whose policies, in any case, spell doom for South Africa?

Malema’s motives for a “shutdown” are as demented as EFF policies. His demand for an immediate end to load shedding shows how little he knows about the state of electricity generation. With the best engineers in the world, Eskom cannot be fixed in five minutes. Load shedding is with us for months to come thanks to the ANC’s mismanagement of Eskom. To disrupt an entire country for a day for his childishly unreasonable demand is a no-brainer.

Then Malema wants Ramaphosa to resign as President. While many South Africans support that idea, the reality is that it is not going to happen because Malema says so. Thus, Malema’s second motive for trying to disrupt an already sputtering economy is harebrained.

The antidote to Malema’s brazen threats to heed his call for a national shutdown, is to treat March 20 as a normal day and thereby deny him the  credibility he craves.

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