Scrapping Of Standards

As the slide in levels of efficacy and competence got underway, Tony Leon once observed that “standards will be lowered to you.” But now that the KZN ANCYL wants standards scrapped (Daily News, June 29), Leon’s prediction has been eclipsed.

The fact that the recent KZN ANC provincial council approved the ANCYL’s proposal to scrap the need for minimum experience as a requirement for government entry-level posts is significant for a few reasons.

First, it demonstrates what has been obvious for decades, namely, that for the ANC there is no distinction between the party and the state and that the state is simply a feeding trough for cadres.

Second, it shows total contempt for service delivery which can only be further hobbled by installing people in jobs who have no proven competence.

Third, by desiring the elimination of standards in government posts, raises the question of whether standards are required for any job.

Such lunacy  makes a further mockery of the ANC’s slogan ‘a better life for all’ and its boast of ‘100 years of selfless struggle.’ Clearly, the ANC is in freefall, bereft of any sense of direction, morality and integrity. South Africa desperately needs to be liberated from those who claimed to be its liberator.

Sent into The Daily News and published, 1 July 2017.

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