Rot Of US Democracy
Chinese Consul General Lin Jing’s observation that the US political system is rotting from the inside is difficult to fault (The Mercury, April 13).
Evidence dripping out from forensic investigations in six states indicates the extent to which the outcome of the 2020 election was determined by electoral fraud.
A private organisation, True The Vote, has compiled evidence tracking organized ballot trafficking in 6 states. In Georgia, for example, it found 242 traffickers who made 5,662 trips to ballot drop off boxes between midnight and 5 am over a period of several weeks.
Cyber expert Gregg Phillip’s has scrutinised voting in the six states and calculates that 4,8 million votes were unlawfully counted as a result of trafficking.
In North Carolina, 430,000 illegal names were found on the voters’ roll. In Wisconsin,115,252 voters were found to be over 100 years old. 137,000 absentee ballots were illegally cast in that state.
In Texas, ballots were cast by 700,000 ineligible voters. In Maricopa County, Arizona, 200 000 ballots were found to have mismatched signatures. A further 55, 602 ballots were unlawful for various reasons. Two terabytes of voter data were illegally purged in advance of the election investigation.
Yet it was claimed that Biden won Arizona by 10,000 votes. To date more than 20 states have passed legislation making voter ID mandatory.
The donation of $419,5 million by Meta mogul Mark Zuckerberg to the Democratic Party to buy votes in key swing state counties was in direct defiance of Federal Election Commission regulations and has been acknowledged as having had a decisive influence.
A Rasmussen survey conducted last month found that 52% of Americans believe that voter fraud was widespread in the 2020 election. That belief includes 34% of Democrats.
The Founding Fathers warned that corruption and foreign influence posed the greatest threat to the US. Abetting the rot of democracy is the growing influence of China which very much includes the Manchurian president in the White House and his family.

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