Reactions To Covid Variant Show Subservience

The reactions of the so-called experts to the case of a Covid variant (The Mercury, January 11) provide clear evidence that science is being ignored and that sovereign control of our health system is subservient to the dictates of Big Pharma and the WHO.

When Omnicron was identified by a South African scientist,  Dr Angelique Coetzee, last February, she categorised it as being “mild, scarcely perceptible.” She saw no need for any medication such as boosters. Yet now that a sublineage of Omnicron called X.BB 1.5 has been detected, Health minister Joseph Phaahla and the likes of UKZN’s Professor Nigel Garrett are urging people to have booster shots.

It is outrageous that these so-called medical experts can ignore clear evidence emerging worldwide, corroborated by eminent medical scientists like Drs Aseem Malhotra, Robert Malone, Martin Kulldorf and the European Medicines Agency, that booster shots weaken the immune system without deterring the virus. But more emphatically, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is on record as stating that Pfizer booster shots “offer very little if any protection against omicron” (World Net Daily, January 10, 2022).

The docile adherence of the Health Ministry and the likes of Professors Nigel Garrett and Saloshni Naidoo of  UKZN to the dictates of the WHO has everything to do with money rather than science. Pfizer virtually owns the WHO in terms of its financial input while at the same time, along with other members of Big Pharma, providing financial support to medical institutions worldwide.

Medical science has been corrupted by Big Pharma. Last year Pfizer posted earnings in excess of $100 billion based on the sale of its vaccines which have killed tens of thousands, caused extreme health impairment and do not promote Covid immunity.

What we are witnessing is the tragic extent to which information is being controlled. Indeed, the greatest weapon is not a gun or a bomb. It is control of information to promote conformity to a narrative.

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