Ramaphosa’s Green-energy Sell-out

Having been eager recipients of foreign funding during their “struggle” years, it is not surprising that Ramaphosa is intent on indebting South Africa to international funders to the tune of R1,5 trillion in the name of the bogus energy renewal plan (The Mercury, November 10).

As Western states in the Northern Hemisphere are already experiencing, wind and solar energy sources are no substitute for fossil fuel sources. For South Africa, with its rich coal reserves, to contemplate abandoning coal as the key driver of energy production is a no-brainer. Furthermore, given the already staggering unemployment reality, eliminating coal production would exacerbate unemployment to catastrophic levels. The other unaddressed results would be de-industrialisation, dramatic decline in food production, absence of the means to generate heat and starvation.

Those are the undisputed realities of this mania to end fossil fuels based on the outright lie that fossil fuels are overheating the planet.

Significantly, the different puppet organisations advocating the ban on fossil fuels are silent on the obvious consequences of their pie-in-the-sky energy fantasy because depopulation is the silent part of their agenda.

Research on the three “organisations” cited in supporting Ramaphosa’s trillion Rand sell-out shows that they are all beholden to the same set of funders. 350 Africa.org is based in Boston and obtains 60% of its funding from two donors, which their 2020 financial statement declines to name. The African Climate Reality Project, founded by failed environmental alarmist Al Gore, is based in Washington DC and derives 99% of its funding from a major donor. The Centre for Environmental Rights, based in Cape Town has seven foreign funders, the most significant one, being the new world order Soros Open Society Foundation.

None of the three cited above represents South Africa’s sovereign interests. Each of them purveys the narrative prescribed by their funders. That is the context of their support for the non-existent climate crisis in which Ramaphosa is ensnaring South Africa.

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