Ramaphosa Has Subordinated SA To The Globalists

Outrage and demands for impeachment should be at blowtorch intensity at President Ramaphosa for subordinating South Africa to permanent indebtedness as a vassal of globalist WEF hegemony by requiring  R2 trillion to finance the false “ battle against climate change.”

The utter falsehood of the claim that climate change is man-made cannot be overstated. The proof that it is a natural, historical reality, unrelated to fossil fuel emissions, is apparent for anyone who bothers to read and research beyond the propaganda which dominates the issue.

From even a cursory enquiry, it should be apparent that without fossil fuels mining the ores needed to manufacture batteries, wind turbines and basic machinery is impossible without the propulsion and lubrication of fossil energy.

Even the bought scientists of the UN, WEF and EU concede that if the goal of zero fossil fuel emissions was attained, the effect on global warming would be only one-tenth of a degree Celsius.

Ramaphosa’s complicity in what is euphemistically termed the “sustainable development goals” of the UN/WEF’s Environment Social Governance (ESG) strategy, is easily explained. Like the other 39 so-called leaders who attended the recent New Global Financing Summit in Paris,  Ramaphosa and the ANC are disciples of the global government agenda to eliminate national sovereignty.

The Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) which Ramaphosa endorses is neither just nor honest. Given that 90% of South Africa’s energy needs are generated by fossil fuels, it should be obvious that abandoning that mode of generation spells mass impoverishment. Where is the justice in terminating the jobs of 92,000 coal workers and their one million dependents by closing the coal mines? How will the 20,000 petrol pump attendants and the numerous automotive industry workers fare when fossil fuel vehicles are declared illegal?

What needs to be amplified is that the ulterior motive of decarbonisation is depopulation. With their erroneous view that the planet is overpopulated, the globalists are using climate change as a front to justify the elimination of fossil fuels in agricultural production thereby manufacturing food shortages and nutrition deficiency. Thus,their proclaimed goal of “sustainable development” is a monumental hoax. Their insistence that their motives are “people-centred” has a double meaning, namely, to extend control over people while simultaneously reducing population growth.

If the ANC is defeated by the much-hoped for coalition in the 2024 election, the goal of salvaging South Africa will be stillborn if the following  policy positions are not implemented: (1) recognition of the falsehood of the globalists’ climate change propaganda and the hoax of the JETP; (2) withdrawal of South Africa from its subordination to WEF hegemony.

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