R1,7 M SPLURGE: Questions And Implications

Several questions and implications come to the fore regarding eThekwini municipality’s splurge of R1,7 million on 200 employees for their work excellence (The  Mercury, August 16).

If out of a workforce of 28,000 the ANC can find only 200 worthy of being feted, then that explains why service delivery is in decline. Of course, many if not all of the 200 may be cadre comrades on whom the bankrupt ANC sees fit to provide an extravaganza using ratepayers’ money.

Two weeks ago it was reported that R52 million was owed to eThekwini municipality by certain councillors and officials. One wonders if any of them are among the 200 “guests” because it is well-known that the ANC pays lip service to corruption.

Whilst the expression of outrage by opposition parties is fully justified, how many of those small parties are complicit in this expense of R1,7 million? The ANC holds power purely as a result of the support of some 12 single PR seat parties. The names of those parties need to be published so that their mini-support bases can see how they have prostituted themselves and betrayed ratepayer interests.

Finally, if there are men and women of conscience among the 200 who are to be honoured for their work excellence, they should decline their invitations. Even in prosperous times, there can be no justification for costing ratepayers R4,500 per head in order to acknowledge work ethic which should be standard anyway. Be honest with yourselves and say NO to this obscene disregard for frugality in times of socio-economic hardship.

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